A Cohesive Vision in Interior Design, Incorporating Function, Practicality & Beauty.

  I have a unique way of working. Transparency and communication are key. My preferred way of billing, is to order directly from the manufacturer and then charge a fee of 30%. Even with the design fee the client does much better than they could do on their own and, more importantly, gets our help. I have an amazing staff to manage even the largest projects. You, the client, are always the most important member of the team. We personally work with you to ensure:

  • You are involved in all steps of the design concept process.
  • Your taste and personality come through.
  • We build a cohesive vision and interior design concept together.

If you enjoy decorating on your own you'll love working with us!

I invest 6 to 8 weeks a year traveling the world, from the glamorous showrooms of Europe to the unglamorous factory floors of North Carolina.

Our approach offers you:

  • A much wider range of choices.
  • Beautiful unusual items you haven't seen before.
  • Ways to repurpose existing pieces in your home.

Most of our projects are for families. I understand interiors need to be not only beautiful, but livable.


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